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At the core of CarthroniX technology is the ability to selectively activate aspects of a regenerative pathway in target cell groups in the body. JAK/STAT signaling has been demonstrated to be powerfully regenerative in many biological systems and tissues. The focus of CarthroniX is modulating this pathway in specific cells and tissues to generate the best regenerative properties possible.

Current therapies for osteoarthritis are focused on pain management; with the exception of joint replacement surgery, there are no disease-modifying treatments available today. CarthroniX will change this paradigm using technology based on our studies of cartilage development throughout human ontogeny. Our research demonstrated that JAK/STAT signaling, a regenerative pathway used by stem cells in other organs and tissues, is also critically important in cartilage formation and maintenance; activity in this pathway decreases as we age. The CX-1 molecule selectively activates this pathway in adults, leading to increased cartilage growth and matrix deposition in the joint space. Further, CX-1 can accomplish this without activation of an inflammatory cascade, which sets its mechanism of action apart from biological stimulation of the pathway.

Our studies have delineated the exact molecular mechanism of CX-1, positioning CarthroniX for rapid development and streamlined regulatory approval.

In addition, the CX-1 molecule and the pathway it activates have potential roles in treatments for degenerative disc disease, wound healing and hair growth.